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Courtesy Service 

NEW In home service

Due to COVID-19 

UPDATED 4/6/2020

We realize that many of our customers are choosing to stay at home and we respect that decision. 

We are now offering "in home service" call us at 830-358-7246 and we will set up an appointment to come visit you. We can assure you that we are taking precautions to keep our customers safe as well as our Employees. Our employees are provided with masks, gloves, shoe coverings and hand sanitizer. As a trusted family owned business since 2010 we can assure you that our employees are trustworthy and honest.

How it works:

-Call us and set up an appointment 

We will need your Full name, Address, and Phone number

-You will be notified in advance with the name of the Buyer that will be meeting with you.

- For everyone's protection we ask that we meet with only one person. We are practicing social distancing and want to eliminate risks as much as possible. 

- We will evaluate your items and make you an offer. If you accept our offer we will pay you immediately.

- Our World is challenging and changing daily and we want to continue serving you in the safest way possible.

Mini Reference Guide

In our store we offer free testing not only to our

Everyday Customers but to our: 

* Garage Sale Buyers

* Estate Sale Buyers

* Thrift Store Shoppers

Our Customers are important to us and we look forward to having customers return to us when ready to sell their Gold, Silver or Platinum items.

As with our Everyday Customers, if you are a Garage Sale Buyer, Estate Sale Buyer, Storage Unit Buyer, Thrift Store Shopper etc., come visit us and introduce yourself. We want to meet you.

Whether you have a single piece or a collection of items, please feel free to bring them in. We will evaluate and or test your items at no charge.

HGE means Heavy Gold Electroplated

HGP means Heavy Gold Plated

GS means Gold over Silver

GP means Gold Plated

GF means Gold Filled

ESPN Means Electroplate over Copper

14 or 10 KSR is Copper Plated

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