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Other Services We Offer

Gold Parties

"At a Gold Party you'll make money not spend money"

Invite your friends & family to your Gold Party. We will provide

Custom Gold Party Invitations and give you all the guidance and information you need.

While your guests are having fun at your Gold Party. One of our experienced Representative will test and weigh all Gold, Silver and Platinum items. We will even educate those interested in the process. Guests will get excited when the money starts being paid.

Your friends are paid right there on the spot. They are never

under any obligation to sell their items. We remove Gemstones

as a courtesy to our customer. We also buy diamonds.

You will receive 10% Commission of all the Gold Party Transactions. Example: if we pay out $3500 you will make $350 which will pay to you before we leave the party. 

You will receive $25 for each party booked after those parties

have been held.

3 to 9 Guests receive $25 for Refreshments

10 + Guests receive $50 for Refreshments

Call us for more information or for a brochure.


Special Events

We are available for Special Events, Parties, Festivals, Holiday Gatherings and more at no charge. We will bring our own equipment, chairs, tables etc. all we need is a place to set up. We will provide door prizes and or goodie bags.


Our Fundraisers are a great way to make money for your non-profit organization. Your organization will receive 10% of the total paid out. For instance if we buy $5000 in gold and silver from your fundraising participants we will give your organization a check for $500. So not only will each person receive cash for their Gold, Silver and Platinum items but your organization will also receive Cash. Call us for more information.

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